Join The League of Super ACAs Who Qualified without writing any ICAN paper more than ONCE

Dear Potential Chartered Accountant,

I absolutely agree with you on a TRUTH that…

“the ICAN journey may be difficult”

Because I have been through this same journey, I can understand your fears.

And for anyone on this journey, nothing will give you greater joy than passing each ICAN exam on your first attempt.

But for many who have unfortunately failed certain stages of ICAN exams, by now you would also have realised that:

  • Just attending the best tutorial
  • Studying like there is no tomorrow
  • Buying the best ICAN course
  • OR doing whatever you have done [just name it]…does not guarantee success in the exam.

Moreso, failing ICAN exams leaves people devastated.

This experience of failure has caused so many to give up their dream of earning the A.C.A title,

The fear of failing is also why many are even yet to get started on their ICAN journey.

But the TRUTH is…

It is POSSIBLE for you to become a Chartered Accountant without writing any ICAN course more than once.

Regardless of whether:

  • You have taken and failed ICAN exams multiple times,
  • You are afraid you will FAIL ICAN exams if you ever take it,
  • You are just about to sit for your first ever ICAN exam.

Whatever group you belong to…

Again, It is 100% possible for you to pass your ICAN exams on your first attempt.

Right in my 40 page Ebook   —How To Pass ICAN Exam In One Sitting you will discover how to crush the almighty ICAN exam in One Sitting.

Who Am I & Why should You Even Believe Me?

Oluwakayode Damola Tobi

Now, you may wonder…

Who’s this guy to think he can teach me how best to prepare for ICAN exams?

Here’s a few out of the many reasons why I am in the best position to show you this;

First off, I am a Chartered Accountant but…

I’m not just any Chartered Accountant,

I qualified as a Chartered Accountant by passing all ICAN Exams in one sitting.

Meaning I didn’t write any ICAN course twice till I qualified as a Chartered Accountant

From ATS I to III, 

From Skills up to the Professional level.

I didn’t fail any paper. 


I have also lectured ICAN students in the ATS, Skills and Professional level of ICAN exams…

I have lectured over a total of 7 diets since I qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2018.

I lectured on Cost Accounting, Financial Accounting, Performance Management, and Strategic Financial Management.

There is a high chance that you dread at least One if not Two or Three of these courses.

And this goes for a majority of  ICAN students.

But not my students, 

By using the secrets you’ll soon discover in this book to teach them.

I recorded an 80% pass rate on my student all the time.

This is because I know what exactly it takes to pass.

It goes beyond reading 35 hours a day, 


Attending the best tutorial


Buying the best ICAN course and so on.

All it takes for you to pass is strategic preparation.

And this is what you’ll discover in my 40 page Ebook —How To Pass ICAN Exam In One Sitting.

Now, I know what you are thinking;

It is easy for anyone to make all the claims above.

Yes, that’s right!


Do you also agree that seeing is believing?

Did you just answer YES to that?


See for yourself below, my ICAN results from ATS I to the Professional level.

Please, note the date of the results.

Deacon Titus Soetan (ICAN president as at 2016) and I during 2016 AAT induction ceremony – December, 2016.

Deacon Titus Soetan & Oluwakayode Damola
I completed ATS exams in march 2016, and got inducted as AAT in december 2016.
Oluwakayode Damola
I was inducted as ACA in 2018

This is me shining my 36 after collecting my ACA certificate.

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