Best ICAN Tuition Centre In Lagos, Nigeria.

About Us

MyIcanTutor is the first educational center in Nigeria to be offering home-based Accountancy professional qualification tutorials. We offer Home-based tutoring for professionals who are combining their busy work schedule with earning an Accountancy professional certification.This we strongly believe–besides getting our students to save time and money from retaking papers multiple time will also help to eliminate a lot of barriers (location, language, sex, religion, age, time constraint, status mismatch etc.) preventing Accounting professionals from reaching their career goals.

What We Do?

Our services covers the following;


We prepare students to write and pass ICAN exam with ease


We could register you as a student of the institute


We help student with all examination registration processes.

Why choose Us..

  • Comfortability: We bring the ICAN class to your place of comfort
  • Success: We allow you get your desired certification with ease
  • Affordability: We are affordably available
  • Commitment: We are so committed with our students.
  • Reliability: You can count on us to pass your ICAN exams  
  • Knowledge: We have been there and done that. We can put you through the same process.
  • Excellent customer service experience.
  • We help you combine work with earning ICAN certification

Frequently Asked Questions

You can start almost anytime you wish. Just connect with us using any of the media available on the contact page.

The goal is to make you learn comfortably. The venue will be determined by you. Your home, hotel, Library….Anywhere you want.

You will meet with the tutor maximum of three times a week. Friday – Sunday.

We don’t give study materials, but we recommend the best materials to pass each of the courses. In fact, we could help with the purchase.

To give you a level of confidence in our service. You wont pay all amount due immediately. 70% will be paid at inception and the balance after the completion of lectures

We are the best at tutoring people for ICAN examination, and there wont be need for money-back. However, if there is any displeasure, you will get your money back with no questioning.