ICAN New Syllabus: 2019 Updated Syllabus All You Need To Know

The foremost accounting body in Nigeria – Institute of chartered accountant of Nigeria (ICAN) is known for its integrity and accuracy. As such, the institute tends to change its syllabus at every for years interval. This is to improve on the old ones and incorporate current trends in the accounting world, so accountant to be flow with the new school from the get-go.

The very last syllabus was launched sometimes around 2014, and it goes directly into extinction this year- exactly four years after. Even though it’s now outdated, you might like to check all about ICAN 2014 syllabus.

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Major Highlights of new ICAN syllabus of 2019

The new ICAN syllabus of 2019 comes with the various improvement of the pen-ultimate one. Now, let’s look at the prominent add-ons.

  • The number of courses per stage: Each stage of ICAN professional exam now has five papers each, unlike the previous syllabus where we have 6 papers in the foundation, 6 at skills level, and 5 in professionals. The same number of papers/courses now apply across all levels.
  • Modification of course name: Title of some of the existing courses are changed and fleshed up in content. The major courses that experience change includes Business finance in foundation, which is now Business, Management, and Finance (BMF). Management Governance and Ethics at the skills level is now Corporate Strategic Management & Ethics (CSME).
  • Increase in Number of diets per year: Before now, ICAN exams are conducted twice in a year. Now Exam will be conducted three times a year, because of the advent of cloud marking.
  • Online marking: The new syllabus comes with the advancement in the mode of marking. Accessors will no longer mark on paper but with cloud technology. This will make exercise easier and faster. Thus resulting in prompt release of the exam result.
  • Rate above ACCA: because of the latest modification made to courses and all, ICAN is now rated above ACCA globally. It gains more recognition.

Those are the major takeaways of the new ICAN syllabus.


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