Investment Opportunities In Nigeria

What are some investment opportunities in Nigeria?

How can I invest money wisely in Nigeria?

Those are the 2 most-asked questions by the business-minded.

Why everybody seems to frequently ask question 2 is that getting scammed in Nigeria is very easy.

Talk about the endless list of Ponzi schemes out there.

So to speak, if you’re looking for a way to make legit money in 2020 and beyond without getting scammed, you are in the right place.

After your 10 minutes here, you will walk away with 6 solid investment opportunities in Nigeria that you can start right now.

Let’s get started.

6 Solid Investment Opportunities In Nigeria

  1. Mini Importation Business


Have you lately notice those flashy wrist watches, jackets, chains, sneakers, and all that popping up on your friend’s stories on Facebook? They seem to be flying everywhere. God, you even see them on Whatsapp statuses compelling you to spend your last savings. That’s half of the story of what mini importation is all about. But here’s what the entire idea revolves around. You buy high-demand products at horribly low prices and sell them high. Aliexpress and 1688 are two of the biggest eCommerce stores that offer great products at low prices. You just have to decide on the line of product you want to sell depending on your budget and the demand of the ready market, say your friends. Finally, you choose a fast and reputable shipping platform, I recommend Chrisvicmall, to ship your good from China to Nigeria. While you can start with #10, 000 to start making #30, 000 to #50, 000 every month, read this article for a walkthrough on how to start mini importation business in Nigeria.

  1. Treasury Bills or Fixed Deposit


If you ask me what can I invest in with 5000 naira, I’d say treasury bills. A treasury bill is the one issued to you by a bank in which you invest your money. These banks are mutual fund managers that have an investment relationship with big companies like Apple or Tesla. You can invest as low as #4000 or #5000 or more for the next months to 1-year after which you get your returns and investment. Another way to invest 5000 naira in Nigeria with no risk is a fixed deposit. Here is a great article that stretches out everything you should know to get started with fixed deposit investment. Another option below!

  1. Invest In Gold

Did you know? The value of gold never falls. Okay, it quite does but not as much as other financial instruments. Check any gold market chart for analysis and you would notice the dominance of uptrends. What’s great? You can invest as low as #10, 000. There are several ways through which you can invest in gold though. The easiest way, which is not very safe, is to buy gold accessories. Keep them. And sell them out when the price goes higher. For safety purposes, it is quite better to use other gold investment methods such as explained in this article.

  1. Properties and Real Estates

Robert Kiyosaki, Warren Buffet, and just name any other iconic business tycoon that comes to mind. They all started with real estate. But here’s the thing. Real estate investment requires a lot of discipline, financial education, the ability to see opportunities before they are gone, and a real gut. The business revolves around buying properties and selling them. Easier said. A lot of factors must be considered before buying a property. Besides, you’re buying in the first place so as to sell when that property booms in value. Right? So to speak, you want to make your research for a guided projection of what the value of a property will be over a course. The location, size, and soil quality of a piece of land as a property determine its future value. Finally, one more thing you should consider is that Real Estates is a longterm investment. Therefore, you don’t want to invest in the money you’ll need to use in the next few weeks or a month.

  1. Private Education

Nigeria is one of the most-populated developing countries with the most massive rate of unemployment. Yes, read that again. Perhaps you’re a victim too, Mr. Jailer. So where’s the opportunity here? Private education. What valuable education can you offer to the masses? Let me give you a heads-up. Some of the most demanded skills today are; graphics design, photography, content writing, web development, coding, and other internet related skills. If you have any you’re definitely sitting on a chest of gold. Crank it open. Get words out there and let people know what you know and charge them for that. Your Facebook group is the best place to start.

  1. Start A Company

If you have the money, then why not? Start a livestock business, a milk manufacturing business, or whatever that aligns with your passion or lifestyle.

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