Qualities Of An Accountant

Accounting is one of the pivotal functions of an organization that shows how long any organization would continue to exist as a going concern.
A going concern is a business organization that is assumed to meet its financial obligation when they fall due and as such can avoid the threat of being liquidated in the foreseeable future, usually 12 calendar months.

If sales and marketing are the souls of any business, Accounting is the heart of the business and once the heart fails to pump, you know what happens?
A single mistake or error made by accountants would have a huge impact on the decision-making process, financial statements, and eventually determine the survival of such a business.

An Accountant working in his office

The Qualities Of An Accountant Are?

In case you don’t know. There are two paths to qualifying as an accountant. The first and most popular is to study accounting or something related to it in higher institutions.
The second option, which in recent times is what most people do, is to study accounting or an unrelated accounting course in higher institutions but go on to write as many accounting professional exams as possible.
Regardless of your chosen path, if you must have a successful career in accounting, you must be willing to put in enormous efforts in cultivating exceptional skills.
There is more to being an accountant of value beyond addition and subtraction skills.
It is pertinent for you as an accountant to possess superior qualities that would enable you to excel outstandingly in carrying out your job.
Identifying these key qualities would lead to job success and make it easier for you to establish a firm foundation towards realizing long term career goals.
Here is a list of top qualities you should possess as an accountant who is always the best for the job:

Committed to Learning and Improving.

The field of accounting is very dynamic, from periodic changes in Nigeria tax laws, frequent revision of accounting standards, to advancement in technologies amongst many other things, he must keep abreast of to remain excellent in the industry.
Any accountant who fails to undergo continuing education stands at a high risk of becoming outdated. You must be up to date with changes as they occur; attending conferences and seminars would assist you in achieving this.
An accountant who stops learning will stop being an asset to his industry or business.

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Ability to work in a Team.

The goals and objectives of any business organization cannot be achieved by a single individual. An accountant must be able to collaborate with others in getting jobs done effectively and efficiently.
You must be comfortable meeting new people and coordinating tasks with others. Your ability to work in a group is a key factor in determining whether you are fit to assume the role of leadership.
Someone who isn’t a team player can’t be trusted as a team leader.

Time Management.

Beyond being able to effectively “debit the receiver and credit the giver”, an accountant must be able to work within deadlines and submit reports as and when due.
The financial information presented by accountants is the basis upon which strategic decisions are made for any entity. Such information becomes irrelevant when they are made available at the WRONG time. It may as well expose the entity to penalties or sanctions by government authorities.
It is therefore imperative for you as a good accountant to prioritize your work so you can meet and beat deadlines. The ability to manage time well is a killer skill that would aid your accounting career.

Detail Oriented.

As an accountant, you should pay extreme attention to details. The financial information provided by you must be accurate and correct at all times.
This is why you must consider every little detail. Mistakes and Accountants are two polar terms, so if you want to remain long in business you must always pay attention to every detail.

Critical Thinking and Diverse Knowledge

The roles of accountants require more than entering transactions into a ledger or keep hold of cash for the business.
Oftentimes, accountants would be required to analyze financial documents and offer credible financial advice to the company. In times like this, critical thinking becomes a very important aspect of the accounting profession.
As an accountant you must also be knowledgeable about the industry where your business operates, you must be able to provide information asides financial, needed for the business to keep your company afloat.

Reliability and Trustworthiness.

Another important quality of good accountants, trustworthiness, is a valued asset in this field. Accountants deal with the financial health and condition of an organization, a confidential topic.
The accountant must have the integrity and reliability to ensure confidential data remains secure at all times. Being reliable and trustworthy is ethical and maintaining this reputation will build long term healthy relationships with your customers and employers.

Communication skills

For today’s businesses, good communication plays an essential role in the success of all types of jobs, and accountants need these skills especially,
Your ability to offer a simple explanation and interpretation of accounting jargon like- Cashflow, market trends, financial ratios, and other terms is an important skill.
This makes it easy for the stakeholders in your business to have an understanding of the financial status of the company and what is happening in the industry.
Excellent communication skills would also help you in connecting with the right network which would reap massive benefits for your company in the long term.

Customer Oriented

Every successful business knows who is keeping them in business. No business can exist in isolation. A business must successfully interact with externals, customers especially to stay relevant in the long run.
So as an accountant, your job goes beyond adding and subtracting, you must be able to offer solutions to whatever problems your customers are facing.
Happy customers are the best advertisers and cheapest advertisers. For the accountant, keeping customers satisfied generates a ripple effect of positive recommendations which can, in turn, bring more clients for you.

A Female Accountant

In Conclusion

Like I earlier stated, you must be willing to put in enormous efforts for you to become an exceptional professional in the accounting industry.

You must constantly improve yourself to remain at the top of your game. What other qualities do you think an accountant should have? Drop in the comment section and don’t forget to hit the share button!

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